Intrepid Conroy Brook Team Raise Funds for Habitat for Humanity 

Last weekend four members from award-winning Yorkshire property developer Conroy Brook embarked on Habitat for Humanity’s annual Hope Challenge all in the name of fighting poverty housing.

Intrepid Conroy Brook Team Raise Funds for Habitat for Humanity

The ‘Hopalong Harrys’, as Richard Conroy, Andrew Battye, Graham Barber and Gary Lister nicknamed themselves, joined 34 other teams trekking 20km and spending the weekend living in shelters they made from scavenged material in a field near Edale, Peak District.

Being builders the Hopalongs equipped themselves well in the shelter building stakes, making a home-from-home out of old pallets, tarpaulins and roofing lats etc, which stood up for 2 nights thanks to Graham Barber, Conroy Brook’s site manager. “The challenge certainly made us appreciate the housing problems many impoverished people in the 3rd world have to contend with daily, while we all take a roof over our heads for granted,” said CEO Richard Conroy.

“With the generous support of our families, friends and business associates, we were delighted to be able to raise nearly £4000 for this incredibly worthwhile cause.

In this act of solidarity with the 1.6 billion people currently living in makeshift dwellings and slums, the teams raised a record total £105,000, which will be enough to help 85 families to escape poverty housing forever. 

Every morning, one third of the world’s population – that’s 2 billion people - wake up in appalling poverty. As a result, their health is poor, they struggle to earn a living, buy food or medicine and often cannot afford to send their children to school.

Habitat for Humanity believes that enabling everyone to have a safe, decent place to live is catalytic in breaking the cycle of poverty. 

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