Helping You Move 

The team at Conroy Brook will do their best to help you find your dream home.

Conroy Brook - Helping You Move, Help to Buy

We currently have a fantastic option to help you, if you already own a home and are looking for an upgrade, its our Guaranteed Valuation. Find out more below.

Guaranteed Valuation

This scheme is designed to help find a buyer for your existing home quickly and enable a trouble- free move to your new Conroy Brook home.


  • We will arrange for a valuation on your existing home via an independent local estate agent. The valuation figure is based on achieving an acceptable offer for your home within the 8 week reservation period.
  • Our Sales Executive will discuss the agreed figure with you and if you are happy to market your existing home at the agreed price, you can reserve the Conroy Brook home of your choice and we will place your existing property on the open market. Conroy Brook will pay your estate agents fees and the cost of advertising your existing home to a maximum of £1000.
  • You can now relax knowing that if you receive an acceptable offer on your property (agreed with Conroy Brook) which is lower than the GUARANTEED VALUATION, Conroy Brook will make up the difference.

For example: We agree that the GUARANTEED VALUATION of your property is £250,000 and you receive an offer on your existing home of £245,000. You can accept the offer of £245,000 in the knowledge that Conroy Brook will make up the difference by £5,000. If, of course, you receive an offer higher than the GUARANTEED VALUATION figure you will receive the full amount.

To find out more about this scheme please speak to the Sales Executive on the development you are interested in.

Terms & conditions apply:

  • The local independent estate agent is nominated by Conroy Brook.

  • The Guaranteed Valuation figure is the value which Conroy Brook believe will generate an offer on your existing home within the 12 week reservation period.

  • Conroy Brook reserve the right to cancel your reservation after 12 weeks should an acceptable offer on your existing property not be forthcoming.